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EOD Bomb Suit and Helmets- Al Asala International LLC, Muscat,Oman. Middle East

EOD & IEDD Tools
EOD Bomb Suit & Helmet

The crime rate in today’s world is increasing constantly, not only through global terrorism and international crime, but also because of growing domestic crime. The requirement and need for advanced and highly specialized equipment is therefore more important than ever.
To have the maximum level of protection, reliability and user-friendliness combined in one product is what counts when it comes to operations which require immediate and optimal reactions.
The armour protection available can be tailored to meet any pre-determined threat analysis.
The communications system is an integral part of the helmet and is powered from the base station reducing the necessity of carrying large and heavy batteries. The option of allowing the use of radio communications is offered and require no hands on use during field operations.
Suits are designed to provide maximum protection against fragments, detonation, pressure, burns and acid burns while offering outstanding wearing comfort for a safe use in operation. The suit and helmet are constructed by combining the latest in modern protection technology from the latest in available material technologies and manufacturing methods. Having most valuable feedback from the various users a weight saving of approx. 25%. Our suits are equipped with a new, highly efficient Emergency-Doffing-System. All tests are performed by internationally recognized and independent testing laboratories.

Bomb Suit:

   The SERIES III is our workhorse in the EOD/IEDD suit range; it combines an ergonomic design while still providing the user with the best possible protection. The SERIES III is considered to be light and comfortable, providing a high degree of mobility.

The suit comprises of: 
Smock (jacket)
Integrated Groin Protector
Hand protectors and overshoes
External composite blast plates

Cooling Suit with Pump Assembly:

   The Cooling Suit has revolutionized the EOD operators effective working time in an EOD/IEDD suit. The suit which is worn underneath the EOD suit circulates iced water around the entire body and head keeping the body from over heating too quickly. The water is circulated by means of a 12v battery operated pump worn externally on the EOD suit. 

Worn underneath EOD suit configuration

Gives wearer extended work time with ability to control excess energy loss due to heat exhaustion.


   The SERIES III EOD Helmet improves on its predecessor in a number of ways. Firstly there is a high-tech ventilation fan that still delivers superior airflow in to the helmet but greatly reduces vibration and noise levels. The Series III Helmet comes standard with a Kermel® comfort liner and spare with built in communications. This provides excellent comfort and cushioning for the head. The helmet has a 4 point adjustable Suspension System. The SERIES III Helmet also comes standard with a higher protection level for the visor. The Series III Helmet has ambient sound amplification with high-level noise cut out.

This helmet integrates with the SERIES III EOD Suit and electronic management system.
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