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EOD Xray Scanner- Al Asala International LLC, Muscat,Oman. Middle East

Security Scanners & Detectors
EOD Xray Scanner
Military, Police, Bomb Responders, Security Specialists, Forensics, Art and Artefact Inspection & NDT(Non-Destructive Testing) work, uses x-ray equipment for various applications as:

• Counter IED (C-IED) Work
• Suspect Package Confirmation
• Abandoned Baggage Investigation
• Venue and Room Search
• Event Security
• Specialist Search
• Post Blast Forensics - for example, to understand the construction of a device
• Weapons Exploitation - for example, investigating the barrel of a weapon
• Post Fire Investigation - Insurance Work
• Quality Assurance
• Flaw Detection
• Fault Analysis
• Pipeline Inspection
• Aircraft inspection

x-ray systems are used for national security, police and EOD teams as well as being in operational deployment in overseas theatres and trouble hotspots around the world.

Our battery powered CCD based systems are ideal for suspect package investigation where an x-ray unit needs to be deployed quickly in the field.

Forensics uses x-ray systems for non-intrusive investigative work.

Portable X-Ray Scanners:                                              
 Portable DR x-ray systems for Search, EOD, IEDD, forensics and NDT. X-ray Imaging System for security inspection and search. It is a multiple application portable digital x-ray unit used by police, military, EOD, customs, law enforcement agencies, prisons and building security managers for security checking unattended bags and suspicious packages.

Portable X-Ray Generators:                                            
   Portable x-ray generator for general purpose security and inspection applications.

Al Asala International LLC,
PO Box: 1130,  PC:131
Al Hamriya, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman
Tel +968 - 24490019 / 24494932
Fax +968 - 24496991
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