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Personnel X-Ray Screening- Al Asala International LLC, Muscat,Oman. Middle East

Security Scanners & Detectors
Personal Xray System
Highly effective and comprehensive
This system is the most effective way to screen for contraband and threats hidden under a person’s clothing. Its capability goes well beyond that of metal detectors because it simultaneously detects both metallic and nonmetallic objects, such as guns and knives, plastic and liquid explosives, composite weapons, drugs and other hidden threats and contraband. The system creates an easily interpreted image that gives the operator valuable information on the shape, size, and location of hidden threats or contraband, thus eliminating the need for intrusive and time-consuming pat-down searches. This system is safe for all individuals and complies with all applicable U.S. personnel scanning regulations. The privacy-enhanced system protects the privacy of screened persons and still effectively reveals threats. This system displays both metallic and non-metallic objects hidden under a person’s clothing, making it the most effective way to screen for contraband.

For Detecting:
Plastic and liquid explosives
Suicide vests
Composite weapons
Plastic and metal guns
Drugs and other contraband
Ceramic and metal knives
Recording devices
Precious metals

Z Backscatter Technology
Z Backscatter is a patented technology based on the X-ray Compton Scattering effect. Z Backscatter works by detecting and highlighting “low Z” materials (items that contain low atomic number elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen). Low Z materials include explosives, plastic weapons, and drugs. The personnel screening system displays these items as bright white, making it easy to identify hidden materials and determine security threats. This system also recognizes the lack of scattering that occurs when “high Z” materials are placed against the body. These materials, such as metal weapons and bomb-detonating wires, absorb X-rays and are displayed as dark objects in the image. Thus the system is able to display all metallic and non-metallic threats and contraband anywhere on a person’s body. The easy-to-interpret Z Backscatter images reduces operator fatigue while increasing productivity. We holds more than 20 patents on Z Backscatter technology.

Model: 1000025

Model: 1000026

Model: 1000027

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